I International Forum on Sustainability

“Making Sustainability possible from the University and the Industry to the Society”

Open Forum for Professionals, Researchers and Professors, Madrid June 24th and 25th, 2019

Sustainability is, in many senses, a good summary of some of the values that, according to the Mission of our University, we want to develop in our students. When we say that our aim is to develop “person centered professionals” we refer to business professionals who will be focused and devoted to create common and sustainable good for the society.

In order to share this noble purpose with other Universities and Industries we have organized, in cooperation with The Hague University and Tampere University, a Forum where professors, researchers and professionals can share their views and projects on Sustainability. This rich dialogue and cooperation will make possible our motto for the conference: Making Sustainability possible from the Classrooms and the Offices to the Society.



*Some presentations will be made in SPANISH

June 24th

Industry-University interaction day

9:00. Reception and Registration.

9:30. Welcome: Dr. Jose María Pelaez, UFV.

9:45. Opening Conferences:

  • Dr Valentín Alfaya, Health&Safety, Quality & Environment Director. Ferrovial.  ​​​​

  • D. Javier Cortés, Head Local Engagement. UN Global Compact Cities Programme

  • D. Santiago Mazzuchelli Urquijo. Director Desarrollo Corporativo SGS


10:30. Companies' presentations:

  • Telefónica. Rosa Gomez Escasany. Dirección Global de Ética Corporativa y Sostenibilidad

  • SGS. Paula Ordóñez Crespo. Global Head of Corporate Sustainability.

  • Caja Rural de Soria. Dra. Blanca García Gomez. Consejera. (Universidad de Valladolid. Decana Facultad de Empresariales de Soria)

  • Fujitsu. Scherezade Miletich. Directora área Desarrollo de RRHH & RSC Lead.

  • PWC. Michele Menghini. Responsable Área RSC.

11:30. Coffee Break


12:00. Companies' presentations:

  • IBM. Angel Hernandez Bravo. Executive Architect

  • Heineken. Pablo Mazo. Director de Relaciones Institucionales.

  • SESGE. Rafael Rodriguez de Cora. Secretario General.

  • ALSA. Ignacio Pérez-Carasa. Director de Relaciones Institucionales

  • Signify. Jordi Manrique. Communications Manager.

13:00. Open discussion and Synthesis of company presentations.

13:30. Lunch


14:30. Workshop.

Considering all the information provided in the morning by the companies we will work in mixed teams (professionals and professors) to build a proposal that could answer to the questions and challenges discussed in the morning.

Design Thinking methodology will be used.

17:30. Team´s presentations.


18:00. Conclusions.


9:00. Reception.

9:15. Introduction.


9:30  Dña. María Luz Castilla, PwC, Senior and Board Advisor

10:00 Short Presentations of the Syllabus related to Sustainability.

Each professor will make a short presentation of the syllabus to show how sustainability is considered and which are the values and competencies developed in the students.

  • ​Universidad Francisco de Vitoria. Madrid​​.

    • ​Prof. Pilar Lopez.

    • Prof. Jose María Peláez, PhD.

    • Prof. Miguel Martín Valmayor, PhD

    • Prof. José Luis Gómez Lega.

    • Prof. Inmaculada Puebla, PhD.

  • The Hague University of Applied Sciences.

    • ​Prof. Rolien Blanken, PhD.

    • Prof. Egbert Willekes, PhD.

  • ESIC Business & Marketing School. Madrid.

    • ​Prof. Belen López, PhD.

  • Universidad Europea de Madrid.

    • ​Prof. Susana Sousa Santos, PhD.

  • IULM. Universitá di Lingua e Comunicazione. Milano.

    • ​Prof. Roberta Bianchi Bronzieri, PhD.


11:30 Coffee Break


12:00. Short Presentations of the Research Projects.


13:00. Lunch.


14:00. Workshop.

In groups of knowledge (Finance, HR, Social Responsibility…) professors and researchers will work to redefine their own syllabus and research projects in order to include the best ideas and practices presented by their colleagues.


15:00. Conclusions


15:30. End of the Forum.

June 25th

Professors and Researchers day

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